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Our Culture

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We love collaboration. We partner fully with our clients to plan and design their celebrations. The depth of your involvement in the planning and design process is completely up to you! Some of our clients give us their high-level vision and let us run with it. Others want to be very hands-on with the design, taking on some projects themselves or working right along with us during the idea generation phase. Both approaches are welcome! Since it takes a team to execute a successful event, true collaboration with your other selected event professionals plays a big part in the process as well.

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We love design and the artistry that is evident when it is well-thought out and successfully executed. Even the most organized event can feel unbalanced without a thoughtful and cohesive design. For that reason, any service that we offer–outside of Wedding Day Management–includes a design component. One of the biggest compliments is when a fellow artist or creative from any number of fields hires us to plan their event because they appreciate our work. However just because we love design doesn’t mean that we can’t easily manage hundreds and hundreds of logistical details for multiple clients with one hand tied behind our backs. That’s second nature!

We love drawing inspiration from our clients. What have been some of the most meaningful people, places, and things in your relationship? What was your most memorable date? How do you define your collective style? Are there any special mementos or recipes that have been passed down in your families? These are the things that we pull from for inspiration as we stretch ourselves to shape the most unique and custom details. We believe that the wedding shouldn’t just look gorgeous when you look at a wide shot of the room. Of course, we love pretty linens, chairs, and flowers as much as any other designer, but what do you see when you delve into the details of the celebration? Do you see the bride and groom’s influence and style in the details? Pulling out this inspiration is some of the most fun we have during the design process!

We love having our sanity (or at least having some of it–depending on who you ask!). Since most of our clients hire us for full planning + design, we limit our annual wedding calendar to no more than twelve. Doing so allows our team the mental and creative bandwidth to deliver exceptional service and outcomes to each of our clients.